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1920’s women’s fashion

The 20th century was rich in clothing styles used women in order to achieve popularity, recognition and success. In the difficult post-war 20 years, women had not to be only seductive and charming, but also to take on male function. Therefore, in the 20th it was born style “a la garcon”, what symbolizes courage, independence and self-confidence of women at that era.
“A la Garcon” and casual style
In war, killing many young, strong men and after its end women had no choice, how to get to their place. The woman changed her social role, she had to work support themselves and his family. Representation of the ideal of the fairer sex has radically changed. Now it is an independent person with a skeptical turn of mind, free of romantic illusions, daring and at the same time mysterious.
The word “waiter” in French means “boy.” Respectively, a new role has changed and the wardrobe basics clothes, it was pantsuit masculine cut, complemented with: tie, hat, shirts and men style shoes.
In fashion costumes from cheap jersey fabric, consisting of a jacket with a low waist and straight skirt to the knee.
At the same time in fashion became pointy patent leather shoes with a faceted heel in the form of “wine glasses” finished with suede or crocodile skin and tiny buttons.
One of the brightest representatives of this style is actress Marlene Dietrich, who became the absolute standard of beauty and was one of the highest paid actresses in those times. 
Her cigarette in a long and elegant holder, short haircut with light curls created an image unusually strong and mysterious woman.

“1920’s evening fashion”
At the same time, women on 20’s visit the party and the theater, therefore all is in this case she wear dress.
Direct dress barely covers her knees. Belt of dresses launched at the hip, like style does not emphasize the curves of the female figure, but hides them, giving the figure a sporty, youthful appearance;
Usually evening dress was made of black silk, satin, velvet and guipure, embroidered with lace, beads, embroidery, and fringe. Only a deep V-neck on the back gives the image of sexuality and sensuality.
Another element of those time image was the fur pelts of sable and fox jumped on his shoulders, as an elegant addition to a one-color outfit.

Time went and the art of fashion returning women femininity. At that time in the center of Paris, in European fashion was born style “art deco”. Eclectic style dresses, which took its origin from different artistic directions: African notes, exotic Egyptian, Chinese motifs, echoes of avant-garde art.
In fashion includes Russian designer’s works. Especially swept Europe Egyptian motifs fashion: images of pharaohs, lotus flower, and scarabs were everywhere. Elongated silhouette dress with various Egyptian motifs complemented geometric haircuts like the Egyptian wigs.
Thus was born a particular image of that era: it is a measure of feminine, but not as a romantic person, mysterious and at the same time bold and strong woman.


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine


  • Nice collection of photos but I’m guessing English is *not* your first language. Or, this was all just text translated from ‘babelfish’.

  • Modnica on May 3, 2013 at 7:23 am said:

    This is true, my English is very bad, but I’m working on. But at least, photos. :) Still, I’ve got a little talent.

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