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2016 Prom Dresses, Photos, To buy

Are looking for ideas for prom image

As a dress for your prom you can choose the classic long dress or short defiant smart casual outfit, you can also find hundreds of stylish things among clothes for parties and cocktail dresses. In the shops there are plenty of moderate and luxurious dresses for prom for every budget, so important in choice of this course is your personal style. When you find the dress of your prom dreams, you are bound to feel it.

In the new season collections are presented beautiful dresses with sequins and embroidery, 2016 prom dresses in rich shades of red, pink, blue, and of course cute version in delicate colors. Your choice can be a floral dress or a set of short puffed skirt and corset with floral pattern from the new collection of Sherri Hill. In this case, prom bouquet will not only one floral decoration of your image. Here they are, these matchless dresses ….

Prom dress with a floral pattern


Costumes with prints of flowers and berries


Hit of the season – red prom dresses


Blue dresses for conservative graduates


Prom dresses and suits in pastel colors palette


Prom dresses 2016, What to buy?

Summarize … Find out whether the selected prom dress to fashion trends, you can ask the seller, whether it was included in the latest collection, released by designers selected brand, but it is if you really want to be the most fashionable on the prom. But the dresses from previous collections can be even more beautiful, since in prom fashion, as a rule, there are the classic models in cut and decoration, passing from one to another season collection:

  • ballroom or full-length formal dresses,
  • corset strapless models,
  • dress with a plunging neckline and open back,
  • with laced corset and fluffy skirt,
  • elegant the classic, formal, made of satin dresses,
  • flirty dresses with a short full skirt,
  • slightly flared model with high cutting,
  • Lovely tea length semi-formal dresses,
  • model of mermaid-fitting shape.

From color preferences in the 2012th want to particularly mention the red, blue and pink colors and muted palette of pastel shades. The choice is also offered a dramatic black, gray and white dress with lace, embroidered with sequins and beads.

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