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80’s fashion for women

80’s – the era of the sexual revolution in the clothing, but at the same time and the era of successful business women. From this and there were two main trends in the fashion of this time, not at all competing with each other: a disco style and style of business, successful, luxurious woman.
Fashion Disco 80’s – it’s bright leggings, leg warmers, headbands, entered into fashion thanks to aerobics, and combined with wide T-shirt is not the only one that time sign.

Bright representative of the disco at the time was a pop star Madonna; witch manner of dress imitated millions of fans. Her image was a rebel with disheveled and backcombed hair, a lace mini skirt, court shoes, put on socks, lace tights, a wide belt, top with a bright print, embroidered with sequins, short or long jacket with big shoulders certainly complemented flashy accessories.


Popular are bright and large plastic earrings and most importantly – the massive bracelets in large quantities and on both hands. His hair is often a big shawl or scarf, tied in a bow. Gloves with trimmed fingers – lace or leather, were considered particularly chic. Such was the woman of fashion 80’s.

Large accessories have been not only complement attire disco representative, but were present in the wardrobe of business women. Very large earrings were an accessory to a business suit and an evening gown.
Rectangular silhouette in women clothing, introduced in early 80’s symbolized a confident and strong woman arrival, nothing seeking inferior to men.

Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher and other business women at that time as well as men to make serious decisions, and even to govern of states.
Strict business suit with broad shoulders could not be better displayed the strength and self-confident women.

A little romantic image attached blouse, plus they soften the severity of jackets and suits. Blouses models sewn with collar, with pleats at the shoulders, bow on the chest, of silk or synthetic satin.
Into fashion came wide bananas pants and clothing with broad shoulders.


This model was also popular in denim design. Large jackets with wide shoulders are the norm, not only at work so as in casual style. Have been double-breasted jackets and even wore them with evening dresses, this is indeed a popular clothing – symbol of the era!
Then there were the light and women loved skinny jeans with lightening and broken through knees.


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Author Yana Fomina


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