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Alena Akhmadullina Spring Summer 2016 collection

The inspiration for the creation of a new of Alena Akhmadullina Spring Summer 2016 collection served as the theme of the marine kingdom and the underwater world of Russian fairy tales “Sadko”. Although the designer continues to develop the denim theme, this time she just did it is closely linked with the maritime theme. On the podium we have observed costumes and dress-coat of the light blue denim with degrade effect, combination of multi-colored pieces of denim and textured decor sets, among which there are separate elements, skirts and dresses.

Designer using of denim has helped to develop a theme of sea waves, which also reflect the colors of the collection, among them we find the traditional Nevi, bright blue, light blue, silver, as well as pink, white and classic deep sea green. Ruffles and flounces, which waves embroidered skirts and dresses, and asymmetrical cut – auxiliary elements and techniques of author marine themes disclosure in the collection.

And what soft and enchanting appear before us laconic mink and astrakhan fur coat, as well as sophisticated costume ensembles with fur mosaic elements, based on of different fur textures combination, formed in patterns of the sculpted waves.

Fur decoration placed on the knitting kits in a chaotic technique, reminds us of the raging sea. And of course, the stones and pearl accessories to support the theme of the underwater world and complete the images of sea goddesses.


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