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Bella Potemkina Spring Summer 2016 collection Photo

The girl, who chose for spring-summer 2016 wardrobe by Russian designer Bella Potemkina is very positive and patriotic person, in addition to its arsenal of qualities have Russian aspiration to chic and luxurious outfits. Russian Tricolor became the basis spring-summer collection colors, but among the shades have also milk color, black, blue, the color of the sea, turquoise.


Bella Potemkina again offered its admirers become already iconic, graceful and noble prints, only in the new solution with colors. Dresses in a collection of clothes and other items are made of feminine fabrics: chiffon, silk and lace. Velvet and neoprene, it would seem so different in content materials excellent interact in the general concept of the collection.


Girl in the dress by Bella Potemkina always up to date and easy to communicate, he likes to have fun and happy to every moment of life. Try on fashionable trends of its favorite activity, by the way very relevant now hippie-chic is also present in the collection, and come to her liking. Designer freely combined the sundress in Russian style and French hat and long dress fitted silhouette adds backpack made of leather.

Bella Potemkina Spring Summer 2016 collection Photo


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