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Body Art in Latvian Style

Body Art is a most popular in over world, and Latvia is no exception. Body Art, that has passed at the Baltic Beauty exhibition of Skonto Hall, Riga Latvia in November 1-3, 2013. On Photos from exhibition students of Birutas Mageles International School of stylists worked on their creation. The task of the contestants (school course) had to embody one of the fabulous stories: blue fairy tale, colored, black, drey… and submit to the jury and public. Second course of the school stylists worked on images of no less creative creation: high intricate hairstyles, elements of body art and by lush dresses with corsets, with ruffles, feathers, sparkles. For such impressions worth it to go at this kind of exhibition.

Exhibition as usual proved to be crowded mostly cosmetic, all kinds of anti-aging creams, permanent make-up artists, representatives of cosmetic surgeryand of course false nails. All the women went to the exhibition were prettier than before….

Interesting photo report from the event 

(сlick on photo and see the gallery)


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