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Boys haircuts 2013

Usually the younger is a boy, the more easy to be a haircut. When a child begins to grow up it becomes more demanding for our appearance and there is already required a more stylish version of hairstyle. The traditional hairstyle with bangs can be added of acute texture or gradual strands. It will not hurt and thinning shears haircut, giving volume. Looks great on the boys an interesting design bangs.


A very short version of “hedgehog” is relevant in almost every season due to a short length, that does not create much difficulty in installation. The mod is the average length for boys, but the hair is too long is not worth grow. The basis here is taken classic haircuts, added some negligence in styling or conversely gloss with styling products and wax, which generally creates a fashionable effect. Divide the hair into locks, build a mohawk of bangs or stylishly smooth hair in direction of face – all of this also creates a fashionable effect.


The boys always have their heroes, which they aspire to emulate and hairstyle – this is one of way to do it. So find out who is the idol of your child: Harry Potter or Justin Bieber. And ask them to cut the hair similarly. Maybe the boy wants to be like his father, then a more customized, classic haircut will create a small Dandy image.


In any case it is necessary to turn a selection of hairstyles in a certain game, intrigued child by this, then it is much easier to sit in barber shop. Buy styling child may be also interested too.


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine

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