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Cate Blanchett in Harper’s Bazaar UK Magazine’s February 2016

We have the opportunity to admire today of beauty and talent well-known American actress Cate Blanchett new photo shoot by fashion photographer Norman Jean Roy. Buy the Harper’s Bazaar UK Magazine’s February 2016 edition and you will see the beautiful Cate, dressed in outfits from Erdem, Harry Winston, Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani collections.

By the way, despite the softness in the image of the actress, she is very single-minded person and without that quality in Hollywood did not get through. Regular classes for Cate Blanchett is making a list of target (habit preserved since childhood) and using one of the conceived, actress strikes the target from the list. This is a very rational and effective approach seems very simple at first glance, but it requires a very great strength of character! Apparently, the actress have so many awards, even the Oscar she has. And Сate has its own style, beauty, incomparable figure, charisma, charm. See photos and inspiring …


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