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70 black things-innovations in rock style

Saint Laurent21164

The brutal, rough image in a rock style has always attracted attention, often this occurs due to the black things in the image, are somewhat rough wardrobe items and accessories have long been a part of fashion and by the way, the designers were to combine a cool rock style clothes with feminine things the first one. So we found out that the main color of the rock style is black. Still also used metal parts such as spikes and zippers in rock style images, that make even the most ordinary things to eccentric rocker objects of attention.
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Osome2osome spring summer 2016 collection


The osome2osome brand founders designers Natalia Busakova and Anna Andrienko from St. Petersburg create a simple, clear and easy for perception clothes, without trying to charm plenty of intricate prints and sophisticated color combinations the viewers and potential buyers. Meanwhile bright accents hasn’t alien to them. See a collection, inspired by new fashion feats, draw ideas for wardrobe …

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New Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyle for 2014 – 93 Photos

2014 Hairstyles  for men Photos

60’s and 80’s male images – as a source of inspiration for hairdressers

On podiums reigns retro 30’s and 40’s of the 20th century, but in hairstyles stylists are increasingly using fashionable images completely different eras. A men’s hairdressing fashion always drew inspiration from pop and rock stars, their hairstyles often became a trend, The higher is star rank and brighter his image, then more it take for a basis. So as a hairstyle “duck tail”, so beloved King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, in the 60’s was the most quoted laying. Now branded curl of hair from Elvis are all who feel like and the trend seems to be “coming up.”
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Short haircuts for 2014 – 109 photos

Short hair 2014 Photos

Asymmetry, gradual strands, precise geometry, colored nuances, ragged and uneven edge,techniques combination – here are just a few current hairdressing coming year methods. Image with a short length of hair in this year as though on the edge between sexuality, easy impudence, audacity on one side and femininity, elegance, neatness on the other side.
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Men’s briefcases 2014 Photos

Fashion bags for men

In Russia, a lot of men wear briefcases: officials, tycoons, employees. Most of his models have a classical sounding, but the fashion trends suggests otherwise. Today’s briefcases are less angular than their predecessors, made of a soft leather, not very large, but at the same time quite roomy and comfortable. The best considered to be Italian models of briefcases. By design is popular snakeskin and at the colors: khaki, gray and brown shades.
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