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Medium length haircuts 2016 (125 photos)


In the opinion of stylists long hair become the most urgent manifestation of femininity in recent years, but also by the presence of different versions, shapes, hairstyles the medium length has a leading position. In 2016’s fashion well-groomed hair and natural styling, so that any of them will say, if the hair is not thick, medium length – the ideal solution! Let’s see what offer stylists in the design of medium length hair.

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Hair color for 2016 (70 photos)


Fashionable hair color 2016 (70 Photos)


In fashion 2016 predominance natural hair colors, but that does not mean you need to abandon the artificial dyes, just if you choose a bright artificial shade, then it should look as if it’s your natural. Therefore, we select the best coloring and constantly updating color.
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Celebrity hairstyles – the new ideas of star stylists


The red carpet of film festivals – the storehouse of fashion ideas. Stars, clothed in stunning costumes, like retro diva steadily and slowly defile from their luxury limousines to fame, prizes and statuettes, do not forget to pay attention to his fans, gathered to take a look at the new images of their idols. Someone admires someone hates all this celebration of life, and someone just learning to be beautiful, confident of the stars example, learns to move and serve themselves in society …
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Short haircuts for 2016 (134 photos)


How to look fashionable with short hair in 2016th? Seek advice from professionals. Stylists say that this year would be appropriate as a creative, avantgarde, ultra-short hairstyle for the brave women and formal, feminine, elegant, for those who accept only the classical solutions. See their ideas…

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Long haircuts for 2016 (120 Photos)


Stylists of this year reached a consensus, that the main trends of the long haircuts for 2016 will be natural and good care. Even the usual straight cut on the smooth, healthy hair can look very stylish, so hairstyle of long hair in 2016, you can choose the most simple in execution:

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