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Chapurin spring summer 2016 collection Photos

New spring summer 2016 clothing collection presentation of designer Igor Chapurin called «Liberty», in honor of the legendary in the world in art and fashion personality Arthur Liberty, who in turn instilled a love of British Asian aesthetics. Russian designer coupled a east sensuality with west pragmatism in collection. This is clearly traced in conjunction of strict geometric shapes and smooth lines in clothes.


Collection impregnated dualism, just pay attention to the selection of materials: typical of Western civilization comfortable and practical fabrics, such as cotton, tweed, cloth coexist with enthusiastic, enchanting silk and brocades materials from the East. Arthur Liberty artwork motives have been applied in ornaments.

Chapurin spring summer 2016 collection Photos


As for the color palette, here we see a very interesting shades of green, gold, shades of lilac, vanilla, the presence of gray and blue, made a silvery effect also notably.


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