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Designer Anastasia Strugaleva for FUREDDO spring summer 2016

In the creative workshop of German brand FUREDDO designer from Russian Anastasia Strugaleva and her fashion shows, presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, was his debut in Russian Fashion. The results of his long hobby of Japanese fashion culture  embodied in the new spring summer 2016 collection.


The link between the basic postulates of Japanese fashion culture and Russian was the god of good luck – a doll Fukuruma. The designer offered an unusual pastiche the Japanese dolls, which is placed on the author’s print.


Her paintings on fabric decorated simultaneously cloned slyly smiling Asian man, nesting doll, panda, stylized of pop art smiley. It is uniquely planned a new fashion trend. Fabrics with patterns is the basis part of collection. They are made in the technology of the pixel images of objects, or if they embroidered with a cross, or pattern laid out like a mosaic.


More season collections:


Author’s print by Anastasia Strugaleva…


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