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Disco makeup

Looking into the disco era – the 80’s, we can confidently say, that this time motto was outrageous, bright colors and shiny. It is clear that having decided disco make up, you must stick to these three concepts. Makeup for discos, of course include more evening details and collected by the selected clothing.
If pay attention to the technique, then important becomes presence in your cosmetics bag needed Shadow Palette colors.

Now consider two disco make up styles:

The first line creates a color emphasis. Well if shadow colors will be repeated of your clothes colors, but there are essentially no restrictions. Shadows should be applied to the eyelids entire area. Making mane accent to the eyes makeup colors, consider lighting artificial – effect should be visible and bright. In the application of bright shades not need to draw neat lines and sharp contours. Bright colors can be combined with each other: yellow with pink, purple with green, turquoise with pink ..

The second area in Disco makeup – glitter. Choosing the brilliant shades, consider a jewelry color, and dress also will be brilliant, so shall they shine one way.
Gold or silver – what to choose?
If your color type is cold – choose silver, with a warm style appearance rather gold and bronze.
Glitter colored (red, blue, yellow …), inflict with fingers carelessly and for good fixation required fatty base (liquid shadows, cream …) Avoid creating distinct outlines, arrows can be applied bright color pencil, carefully blending the line. Shadows as if merge with arrows. The image can complete false eyelashes, but in any case densely painted yours.
You may resort to the body art, if you feel that the party you need something special.
Sequins, applied to the face and body, it is even suitable for discos. Remember disco does not tolerate boredom – a vivid image – an obligatory condition!


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a nice make-up for a Disco party!

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