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Dress for women over 50

Studies have shown that one third of women aged 50 to 70 years do not include their age when buying clothes. Some of them choose: free tops, models of trousers, ankle opening, capri pants and tight jeans, knitted cardigans. Others: strict suits, plain shirts, sweaters. Interestingly, one of five members of the fair sex in age from 50 to 60 years wears leggings, and about 20% easily defile on the beach in a swimsuit “bikini”.
But, today, we will not stop its attention on leggings that in 50 years can serve rather comfortable in addition to the cardigans, what significant part of the kit. I want to draw attention of this fine old women for most elegant wardrobe part – dress. The dress can be the basis 50 year old woman wardrobe if colors, style, model is correctly selected.


Dress for every day

Women in 50 years of our time watching for her figure carefully enough, so most boasts of taut forms, even if not slim. Therefore, made of the elastic quality knitwear, jersey or stretch fabrics dresses adjacent silhouette perfectly fit the age wardrobe. The dress can also be obtained adjacent or slightly flared, but one thing is important – it is beautifully outlines what to be proud of in 50. This model is enough comfortable to wear it every day and picked up its accessories, jacket, cardigan, maybe change their way, depending on the case.


When choosing everyday models should consider some nuances:

  • Dress should be a decent length, such as just below or slightly above knee
  • The neutral colors, noble floral textile designs, graphics or abstract prints
  • Dresses style should be chosen so as to hide flaws
  • Pick a neutral color jersey dress and plays with prominent enhancements
  • A right size is main rule when choosing dress stretch fabric, jersey or smooth wool
  • The simpler is dress, elegance’s image and more options in selection of the accessories
  • On 50 years old women it looks great fabrics drapery and flounces
  • Excellent choice in the advanced age would case dress, which is perfectly combined with cardigans, jackets, accessories
  • Chiffon is also worth a look, just need right colors


Evening dress for women at age 50

It does not matter what form you have, women of all ages or shapes attend evening events.
Choose age worthy dress is not difficult; you just make clear what will make you attractive:

  • slim black dress makes image of the mysterious, elegant, and expensive. This especially works complete with expensive gold or silver jewelry
  • if you have a beautiful figure, the body-hugging lace fabric dress is the worthy choice in this case
  • satin models accentuated silhouette will look very elegant the cocktail party
  • case dress one of trendy colors also looks great in the cocktail image
  • long model with a simple, elegant neckline is perfect for an evening event.


In keeping with its style, knowing looks dignity, using their wisdom about shortcomings considerably easier to choose a dress for age.
Agree that themselves usually feel when you look ridiculous or is not appropriate in the clothes. This means that you need to look for another model and all. Hopefully, that tips in this article will help you in the dress buying.
Be bold in your choice and a little fun fashionable!

Gorod Mod Magazine

Author Yana Fomina


  • This is an article about clothes for the woman over 50 years of age. Where are the models who are 50 plus? I counted one!!

  • Modnica on May 3, 2013 at 7:32 am said:

    Yes women over 50 years old are not particularly like to pose for fashion magazine. For me it was important to show the principle of fashion for age of 50. I hope it has turned well.

  • winston parkwinston on September 4, 2013 at 2:07 pm said:

    What language is this? It sounds like it was translated from something into
    English,.but was very hard to understand

  • Thank you for your comment. I am Russian and order a translation from one person. I will try to solve this problem.

  • I adore your blog- I enjoy the translation it is charming and refreshing
    You fashion sense is extraordinary and refreshing..Thank you!

  • Modnica on November 14, 2013 at 7:56 am said:

    Oh thank you for your support, my English – it’s a Russian school version, but I am glad that my vision of fashion someone likes.

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