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Easy hairstyles for girls

From very young age hairdresser fashion enters in the girls’ world with a comfortable casual hairstyles, sophisticated evening images and versatile styling and no matter what length, thickness and color is hair.
In easy hairstyles for girls, designed for every day, the most important is simplicity and speed of execution.
Girls before school age, that lead a dynamic and active life, do not have the patience to sit, when mothers weave intricate braids or wind the intricate curls. That is why should choose for a little girl just is not very short haircut without asymmetric elements or contrast transitions, it was convenient to make a simple hairstyle.

Easy hairstyles for girls: short hair and medium length haircuts

Smallest girls usually have a thin, not very long hair, therefore hairstyles imply primarily convenience, to keep out stands of hair from eyes, that they do not interfere learning surrounding world.
Girls up to 5 years is better to cut they hair a simple way, giving them light contour. In this case, the perfect haircuts bob without bangs.
In any case, many moms should stock up on rubber bands, hair pins and headbands, to create comfortable hairstyles in daily life. To create an original image, use them simultaneously in one hairstyle: collecting hair in ponytails with rubber bands, wrap the ends around this tail base and pinned hair with pins and bangs, remove from face with headband. Particularly relevant as the pins on thin short hair is small crocodile’s hair clips, which coquettishly pin up small strands. Tail was conventional transformed into an elegant curl. A mom here is to dream up, as eventually getting a cheerful and lively hairstyle.

Easy hairstyles for girls – Photos:



Easy hairstyles for girls: long hair

Little girl haircuts for long hair is to find simple, with plain edging with short bangs above line of eyebrows, or even without it. In this case, for every day hair is very easy to be collected in different tails: from one side, on top or bottom. The tail can be done using only a part of hairstyle or create a series of tails, interwoven into each other one by one. Perky ponytail can make of bangs, or build a lot of small tails all over the head.
Another idea is to make two tails on each side of the head a few strands to plait in which small braids. Usual braid can be also a small plaited strand of hair side. Version with two side plaits is very simple to perform, but it can be diversified by using a variety of bows, flowers and all decorative barrettes sorts.
In addition, braids can be plaits from tails base, thus providing strength hair or wrap them in the French twist manner, creating a more accurate image.
Make it comfortable, easy, and at the same time original hairstyles for girls simply, if you use the headband, they are selling now very many different designs.


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine

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