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Emporio Armani collection fall-winter 2012-2013

It’s easy to learn the constrained elegance of well-known designer Giorgio Armani who opens up his preliminary look-book in fall-winter collection 2012-2013 under mark of Emporio Armani.

Armani works in the field of elegant fashion where quality of a fabric, nobleness of colors, and faultless of cuts play greater key role rather than trade marks of known brand or unique style. New vision of a coming season is dictated by irreproachable vision of the basic fashionable tendencies of the master and his professionalism.

 Preliminary look-book of collection:

In the collection classical colors Armani are used: dark blue, gray, and black are noble shades of turquoise, sated dark blue, malachite, gray – from light up to dark. He is playing with textures of fabrics, and this perhaps is the most basic receptions of a new collection – a combination of fashionable materials of winter season in expensive execution: these are velvet, atlas, leather, and jersey. The basic print of the collection is polka dots, but it isn’t classical polka dots – it’s its gray interpretation; Armani also uses stripes.


Faultless style, ability to amaze surrounding people with elegance – this is the image of Armani woman from fall winter collection 2012-2013.

Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine

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