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Evening hairstyles 2013

Self-confident and beautiful woman contemplating her image for as carefully, to become a glamorous center of party, comply at evening fashion season rules.

Evening hairstyles for short hair:

  • To evening image creation can be made small, curly or medium curls.
  • Make a smooth styling with gel
  • Lift the hair at the roots with a hairdryer, and the ends of the hair to separate with wax at individual locks, so as to create the effect of a ragged haircut.

And all this only from one quality haircut!


Evening hairstyles for medium hair

Medium length hair is an excellent material for stylish vintage hairstyles, when the main styling motives are based on creating amazing smooth waves and curls. From accessories to retro hairstyle suit hairpin with a beautiful iridescent stones or vintage chic earrings and thanks to the unusual antique necklace can be considered a complete to form. Do hairstyles in a middle hair can make even a tuft, but he will stay on through the tail, whose ends are pinned, creating a rounded shape. Especially stylish image turns by neglect, smooth Mohawk in the haircut up part, and smoothly combed and pinned hairstyle side locks. A lush and small curl will add for medium length haircut a chick volume.


Evening hairstyles for long hair
Evening hairstyles for long hair imply is more complicated transformations, such as:

  • incredibly voluminous greased back hair,
  • sophisticated weave and braids,
  • lush, smooth tails,
  • small, but such elegant tufts,
  • curly flowing curls,
  • smooth separated strands arranged in a retro hairstyle.

Now in fashion are textures mixing, where in one of the hairstyles create a smooth effect and another luxuriantly backcomb or curl. One of the components of such a hairstyle can be smooth bangs combined with a lush hair main part. Generally fleece is perhaps the most fashionable way to create a stylish evening images: by Babette to the simple tuft. Stylists are trying to create an evening image is not to similar salon hairstyles from the past, an impression quite is opposite: some artificially created carelessness backcombed locks, beaten out ringlets. Especially true complement such hairstyles accessories.

Long hair – Evening hairstyles 2013 – Photos:

Evening long hairstyles stylish ideas:


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine

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  • I appreciate the hairstyle section..In the USA not many true blondes mostly colored hair- hair you can’t style much;My hair is naturally pale and I enjoy seeing other naturally pale ladies with intersting hairstyles- it is inspirational!

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