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Eyeglasses 2013 for men

In general, modern optics divided into some directions. Men, who prefer a traditional eyeglass frames, may want to choose a classic form, neutral colors. so as a worthy price category. In fashion is still Wayfarer style, Aviators, horn glasses frames in a dark color scheme and titanium frames of eyeglasses 2013 men. Socket can completely cover the lens,  a combination of two materials (plastic and metal) or the edge of lenses partially cover.


The main thing in men’s optics selections is a high-quality and stylish design of classic: rectangular, circular and oval forms. Classics – it’s a solid foundation in all areas of fashion. Therefore, the traditional models of glasses are generally most in designer collections.


For youth optics can be considered an extravagant eyeglasses 2013 men in geometric solutions and a bold color applyingThe same applies to sports models too, an overall style of male wardrobe although there is more important than the age or status.


The separation of frames to the traditional, romantic, vintage, glamorous is a very conditional, because every designer is trying to invent something a different, new, bold and noticeable. Optics is a men with low vision everyday necessity, therefore for quality of finishing is given a special attention. Titanium alloys by fashionable eyeglass frames 2013, quality lenses and strong decorative elements are in vogue now.


Modern features for classic adds a color variants and a design: plastic and metal combination in some models of eyeglasses 2013 men, exotic colors, colored titanium frames coating. A very topical solution for stylish image creating have a contrast in design. The red details is just what to need an impression of fashionable men. The bold design fashion maestros prefer this for sunglasses in 2013 too.


Black plastic frame has a long been a classic and in this season it is quite relevant.These renowned designers such as Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani have paid a particular attention to this subject in their collections. Strict rectangular form just as popular as vintage rounded frame.


Eyeglasses 2013 men – Photos:


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you the right accessories for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina


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