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Eyewear for 2013

When buying a brand new frames should consider not only its form, color, size, design, but also the compatibility of these parameters with your appearance. Eyeglasses Frames 2013 for women are capable of much in a matter of correction of external data and in creating an individual image. It’s like a haircut, where the color, shape and performance are of utmost importance. Changes in the design of optics occur each year. Let’s see what’s new this season.

– Dolce&Gabbana, Valentin Judashkin


Titanium and rimless glasses – the inheritance of creative people

The main emphasis in design of which is placed on decoration of glasses arms: luxurious, modern plastic or precious metals imitation. Form of lens are usually classic:oval or rectangular.


This optic is very popular with creative people and intellectuals who have achieved success, because it makes intelligent image, smart and at the same time touching (for example: Steve Jobs, John Lennon). They wear Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paris Hilton, Kate Bekkinsel, Nicole Kidman.


Horn-rimmed glasses and a modern frames of plastic

Color scheme of such glasses are generally presented in a rich palette of dark colors: black, blue, brown. In fashion as light decoration: white, beige, ivory. As in the dark or light design frame can be transparent, glossy and matte. In fashion glasses of colored plastic, contrasting combinations, as colorless transparent frames. Of colored are relevant: emerald, purple, burgundy. Making plastic used in such popular today glasses as:

  • “Cat’s eyes”, “dragonfly”, “Butterfly” (narrow at the nose and gradually expanding to the temples)

Rita Ora, Ksenja Sobchak, Evelina Hromchenko


  • «Browline» (hard plastic rim along a brow line and metal – on the bottom)
  • «Nerd glasses» (ironic and rustic frames with heavy dark rim (the color of tobacco, burgundy, cobalt), or tortoiseshell, straight form
  • «Nerd» (highlighted top line frames and solid form). Wear Woody Allen and Yves Saint Laurent

All of these models are presented in a new collections of women’s eyewear for 2013.

Agent Provocateur, Dolce&Gabbana



Eyewear for 2013 – Photos:


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you the right accessories for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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