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Fabulous Chanel collection “Paris-Mumbai” 2012-2013

A new collection of fashion house Chanel Fall Winter 2012 2013 under the speaking name “Paris-Mumbai” excellently combines French glamour and traditions of east clothes. National costume of india served as a source for inspiration: one can see elements of sari, panjabi, and churidar in the draperies and garment cuts.


Style decisions and features of design

Emphasis in the collection is laid upon the style of  Chanel which can be seen in cuts of suits and jackets. Thank to pearl jewelry and long boots made of thin elastic leather, classical tweed clothes have opened up in a new light.

The Chanel collection amazes with the variety and luxury: one can find there clothes with straight lines, trapezoid and fitted silhouettes. The ensembles consisting of jackets and skirts in a combination with trousers prevail; that is peculiar for national Indian costumes.



Color palette

The collection is filled with light shades: we can find here both ivory color, powder-pink, and milky-white. Such colors as grey, black, and claret can be found here at a small amounts.

Occasionally one can find exotic paints ofIndia, such as blue, bright pink, brown and red as the shades of spices.



Tweed(which is characteristic for Chanel) meshes with thin fabrics, sequins, and materials with gold and silver shine. All the clothes are decorated by florid embroidery and gemstones.

Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion designer of Chanel, bravely combines ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ in one costume, even though it was considered to be a bad form earlier: now it looks richly and daintily!



The bohemian glamour of accessories of a new collection pleases one’s eye: we can see there volumetric carcanets, multi-row beads, massive necklaces, rings with huge quantity of stones, bracelets «Jadi», and forehead accessories and hairpins – all the latest things one can wish for! Unusual trend – exotic accessories in the shape and form of the most thin grid from the metal, it can be put on both atop of clothes, and on a naked body. The hairpin, that hides hair parting and reminds of the Indian ornament, has become an indisputable symbol of all collection.


Shoes and accessories

Bags have its own original design and because of an abundance of stones and its decor remind of precious accessories. There is also a favorite Karl Lagerfeld’s accessory in this collection – gloves without fingers with a complex pattern. Gloves have nothing in common withIndiabut are very harmoniously entered in the collection of the designer.


We could see a lot of different shoes during catwalk: long boots-stockings made of red velvet or elastic leather, sandals and boots, decorated with ‘gold’ paillettes. It has been always considered that the image of the exquisite and elegant woman cannot be created without using heels. However it wasgo possible with the help of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld!

Yana Fomina specifically for “Gorodmod”.

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