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Fashion clothing for teenage girls Juicy Сouture spring summer 2013

What wear teenage girls? What kind is Teenager fashion? Of course, each of them has his own style or it is in its infancy. She is beautiful and young, so it can allow a lot and at the same time making tentative steps in the direction of fashion. Sometimes are they peculiar to flights of fancy, but still she needs a real clothes, that she can wear every day and be fashionable. Just such are produces the brand Juicy Couture. In the spring summer 2013 collection is not only bright colors: red suit with shorts, crimson sport style pants, cornflower blue dress, and pastel sets of clothing, as well as black-and-white classic. As for the color of clothing, there it is a natural and floral prints,adjusts to the romantic mood and strict geometry in the stripes form. 

Juicy Couture – is fashionable, stylish, dynamic Teenager collection!

Fashion clothes for teenage girls Juicy Couture spring summer 2013 – Photos:


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Author Yana Fomina


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