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Fashion for fat women spring summer 2013 from Elena Miro

Clothing designer Elena Miro became famous for fact, that filled the fairly vacant niche in fashion industry, giving preference in his work to women from 42 size. Usually all that is shown at the podium does not look too big, but in boutiques sized sufficiently “broad”. Designer’s idea to make fat women for full fashion industry participants very commendable, but still “big” clothes should emphasize the delicate features lush figures, than too provoke others and it’s not every designer can. To do this, there are many methods:tailor cuts, colors, choice of fabrics, finishes. Many designers in fashion for fat women are breaking the rules, wishing to draw attention and Elena Miro is not exception, creating extravagant collections, contrary for good taste.

This is what happened to Elena as well, her new collection can not be considered a simple, elegant and modest, on the contrary, many of the clothes too frank and vibrant, what is not usually for this wizard. There are parts that are well absolutely is not good to magnificent forms. For example, skinny corset with defined very small size calyxes women with large breasts hardly dared to show themselves. Meanwhile, the dresses with this tailor’s cut of top at this collection show there was quite a lot. In addition, some corsets supplemented with weaving laces finishing, and in black variant, completed with rhinestones and feathers, looks very shocking, though and sexuality (in the spirit of the latest Marc Jacobs collections).


In my experience, most fat women are not as daring in clothes choosing and do not dream about too excessive attention to his own person. I think, many crumpets only just want dresses perfectly hiding their “big” weaknesses and making them a beautiful. In general, the corset – a controversial view for “fat wardrobe”. 


Of course, as in any collection, this one has its pluses and cons. Thus, of the benefits can designer provide an unusual collection of fabrics and colors. Many of graphic images on light materials perfect hide flaws thighs and other body parts correcting and taking an attention for themselves. For collection plus can be considered clothes models choice: dress-box, pencil skirt, simple cut shirt, straight cut suit. 


Another thing, finishing – not everywhere is as relevant and not presents each figure for advantageous. We are talking about feathers and flounces – details, that giving volume. But, on suits and dresses seen successful rectangular details: trims and unprofitable pockets. 


Another two small comments, as I that a lover of all lay out on the details, noticed on the show: 

  • Too tight fitting skirts slightly wrinkles on hips
  • Some models are showing a collection, “not too bulky”and this can cause resentment among the full spectators (hereinafter buyers), because they can understand what the full women this outfits is not that should wearing.

But, it is to find fault if, in general, the collection, in my opinion, deserves special attention for XL size women.

Style for fat women 2013 Elena Miro spring summer collection – Photos:


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Author Yana Fomina

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