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Fashion make-up Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Make-ups fashion changes together with presentations of new collections of clothes when visages, thanks to their ability, create new female images of forthcoming season. Only you should decide how to reproduce fashionable make-up on your face, but nevertheless try to familiarize with basic concepts in a make-up of a coming season.

So, let us go look at fashion parades and learn what visages recommend to do in upcoming season of fall-winter 2012-2013.


Types of fashion make-up of Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Nude make up – It’s the natural beauty when the invisible make up is created, but at the same time it makes person look expressive. Essence of this reception is hidden in the accent on the most expressive part of person; these can be cheekbones, lips or eyebrows – one of these things should be emphasized by means of natural palettes of cosmetics.


Reserved make up – A few light shadows in the internal corner of eye, brown or bronze shadows, peach blush and minimum amount of mascara.


Make up and a Hat – By fashion rules the light headdress assumes bright and sated make-up; fashionable is also make-up in tone of cap. And for eccentric caps/hats unusual make-up will be appropriate.


Extensive Liner – wide arrow draw pop- and rock-stars, and teenagers who wish to draw attention to themselves as well as women who have got stuck in retro-style. But it’s not all as easy as it sounds, this type of make-up undergoes variations – each season the form of an arrow changes a little, therefore it is necessary to look narrowly at the images created by fashion visagistes.


Thematic make up – thematic make-up can reproduce retro images, cinema images, Indian or even American Indian subjects, and the image of Japanese geisha – here are no strict fashionable recommendations. All depends on the place where you want to go and show off your make-up… These can be: thematic party, party in club, when you want to stand out from the crowd and declare your individuality.


Dark make up – In this case very dark lipstick or contrary color of shadows create courageous, unexpected and even provocative image. There are two directions: smoky make-up by means of black and gray shadows and brown make-up, and its intensity depends on if the image looks natural or bright. Dark make-up can be also thematic make-up when the accent is drawn on retro or rock style. Sometimes it’s enough to use dark shadows only, but it becomes truly fashionable when is completely sustained in dark tones: dark shadows, lipstick, and blush.


Plum Lips – In the season of fall-winter 2012-2013 it is currently important to have plum lipstick in your toiletry bag. But don’t get upset if this color doesn’t look good on you, there is variety of dark colors of lipsticks, so it’s easy to find the replacement. Plum lipstick in a fashionable image may be used to counterbalance the person in a dark frame of glasses. In this case the effect of light eyebrows is created, eyes are painted depending on purpose of lenses of glasses; and it is necessarily to use sated tone of lipstick.



Orange Make up – It is one more fashionable type of make-up which makes impression of pallor of the person that is not always beneficial. It is necessary to apply shadows both on eyelid and under-brow zone; only in this case fashionable effect will be reached. But blondes should not abuse orange shadows.

Let’s sum up – fashionable toiletry bag according to tendencies of season fall-winter 2012-2013 should replenish with: orange shadows, qualitative eyeliner, giving volume mascara, plum lipstick, pencil for eyebrows, peach blush, multi-colored palette of shadows, and pencils for eyes. Also do not forget to update the stocks at least once a year; especially concerning mascara and foundation.

Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazin

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