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Fashion photography in Boutique Baku Magazine’s

New photo set “Color Therapy” in the latest edition of Boutique Baku Magazine’s created 30. Photos set title speaks for itself, really rich and diverse paints rampage gives an amazing energy and inspiration. See photos and draw ideas for our colored wardrobe!

Fashion photography in Boutique Baku Magazine’s
Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-01-620x423 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-02-620x895 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-04-620x931 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-05-620x929 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-06-620x894 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-07-620x890 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-08-620x423 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-09-620x894 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-10-620x890 Petra-Hegedus-Boutique-Baku-Ryan-Jerome-11-620x940


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