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Fashion Podium Hairstyles 2014 For Long Hair

Designer collections shows full of ideas and not just for wardrobe, but also of makeup, hairstyles, hair colors, jewelry themes. Stylists, without realizing it or consciously, set the hair styles  fashion trends for this following season. Let’s see what hairstyles were seen on a fashion podium for long hair.

The intricate plaiting will be still in vogue, but plaits mostly combined with light curls and tousled, slightly backcombed waves on flowing hair.

According to stylist a plait can be also a part of an elaborate updo. Embedded braided hairstyles more difficult and more effectively will look at very long hair.


French Twist and Bun Hairstyles

Hairstyles with twisted elements will be most popular in 2014. Ask your hairdresser different and original versions!


Fashionable ponytail and new podium tail hairstyles

Ponytail is popular since last year. The longer is it, the steeper! Medium length hair is possible to intercept in a low little tail.



And some different variants of hairstyles for long hair from the podium…


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