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Full women fashion – Elena Miro fall winter 2012/2013 collection

High fashion for magnificent women of Italian designer Elena Miro differs by elegance, elevated style, and femininity.  Besides it is one and only mark of lady’s wear with Plus Size and dimensional number from 46th up to 60th which works at the level of prêt-a-porter. The assortment of mark consists of several lines of clothes: Elena Miro Collection, Elena Miro Griffe, Elena Miro Sport, Elena Miro Le Maglie.

Her new collection “Elena Miro Collection of fall-winter 2012-2013″ opened the fashion week of Milano Moda Donna, it is created on a surprising combination of expensive fabrics and faultless cut. The collection declares that it’s possible to present ample forms beautifully, not resorting to complex design receptions. It is enough to properly construct a silhouette, choose qualitative fabrics, as well as use stylistic methods to extend figure and to hide its lacks.

Successful are combinations of simple colors: white, black, beige, gray, and brown – they make design decisions simple and universal; the presence of bright Electric Blue in model line is minimal, but it makes the collection even more refined and interesting.

Elena Miro Collection Fall Winter 2012-2013 – photo:


The unique decision of designers for stout people became reception of a combination of different invoices of materials and furs, as well as contrast colors. Refined details are also used: thin thongs on waist and “harmonious” footwear perfectly finish elegant outfits.

Elena Miro – faultless fashion for stout people is available in over world and  there are two many boutiques in Europe.

 Fashion for full size women fall winter 2012/2013 - Photo:






Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine 

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