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Hair color 2014 trends – 68 fashionable shades

Hair-stylists now are betting on natural colors, only usually recommend choosing richer ones. In fashion and of course, blonde and brown-haired, and red, and brunette, perhaps a little richer. Copper-red, chocolate milk, ashy blond, ruby-red, thick caramel, dark mahogany, blue-black – with these colors work hairdressers in 2014 and of these stylists find more and more new combinations. In 2014, the art of coloring suggest a natural effect, light locks at the same time give a shine and 3D volume for haircut. When making a dense coloring evenly over the entire length, then is clarified the separate locks and then all the hair are toned in desired color. Here is such a stylists secret enables to receive a more natural and at the same time a very active tone.

Natural coloring effect


Degrade effect on hair

Coloring with Degrade effect is of two types: vertical and horizontal. Now is popular smooth transition from one color to another vertically. The effect is applied as to the ends well as on wider areas. In the matter of Degrade hairdressers have gone further and set a fashion to impart vibrant mix of contrasts, and often use more sharp borders between colors. For brunettes bright wishing to be in the spotlight in the new year can not do without juicy: crimson, cornflower blue, fiery red, maroon effects. Particularly vivid image is achieved on geometric haircuts, color especially emphasizes the form. Degrade or Ombre effect looks great on long hair.


Blonde 2014

Fashionable shades for bleached hair stylists believe ash, pink pearls, coral and pearl nuances. Golden and sand light tones in time to repaint richer, for example caramel. In vogue this season bright blond and this trend leads blondes to find a new solutions for color. Thus appeared fashionable combination of colored strands of hair and bright colors, as well as painting in bright pink and gray pigments. In fashion are also pearly shades of blond. Ideally, combining several pearly tones, you can get a deeper and expressive color.


Coloration 2014

The classic way to give contrasting effects through a combination of dark and light strands became the basis for fashion stylist experiments. In a fashion most daring locks combination: warm with cold, bright with muted, blonde with dark. We combine medium-brown and mahogany, chocolate with ginger and ash will combine with purple. Juicy shades look bright, making hair multifaceted.

Actual also toning individual sections and sample strands: emphasis on color bangs, longest side contrasting strand, symmetrical nuances on sides.


Bright coloration in the one color

In fashion: cool purple, pink pearl, silver pearl, inky, smoky, rich mahogany.


In fashion as natural brunette, red and brown-haired – shades is a variety, look at the photos …Brightness, saturation and shine of any of these colors obligatory.

Brunette 2014

Redhead 2014


Medium brown hair color 2014


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