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Hair color for 2013 – 53 fashionable shades

Important in appearance transformation can play hair color. It is able to denote or make less expressive facial features and sometimes completely change a look. Knowing this characteristic sometimes a slight tone change, we, stylists, often use color property in their work with client image. Our goal is not only to pick up the perfect a particular looks variant, but also to make image for trendy and stylish. We have to follow the trends in this matter as well as the fashion in general.
In recent times in the barbershop fashion have been significant changes, which gradually have led to dominance of hair natural shades.
Of brown hair – is light chestnut, medium chestnut, walnut, mahogany, ash – chestnut. To be a balanced brown-haired in this new season preferable, than flighty blonde.
This is the professionals opinion, also these fashion trends of hair fashion support, clearly showing them on himself, celebrities.
As for blondes are always toning in ash, pearl, honey, gold, as well as other natural colors. Everything indicates that natural colors are very relevant.

L’Oréal Fashion Palette 2013


Blondes will make brighter color highlights, staining individual strands of 1-2 shades lighter overall tone, or additional toning. Colored strands, typically take 20-30% of over hair surface , often it is ends, an arrangement of bright strands usually emphasizes a haircut form.


Hair color for 2013 

Along with natural blond shades in fashion bright colors: fiery-red, red, purple, following the saturated colors general fashion trend. In winter, rich color makes the appearance more contrast, in summer – bright. Is very popular in this season play of colors – red coloring different shades.


Hair color for 2013 – Recolor the in brown-haired!

Actual shades of brown-haired are increasingly choosing former blondes for example light chestnut is not so dark, to make you a brunette, but very well emphasize a facial features. Middle brown colors: coffee, chocolate, golden-chestnut, light ash-chestnut, light walnut – are the most popular shades of almost every season. In addition, this year, relevant and other shades of brown. In 2013, a hair stylists configured to make your individual shade of hair by mixing several colors. By mid-ash color add fiery red – that’s is ready new unique brown!
Create your own color – it is in fashion!

Hair color for 2013 – Red tones:

Mahogany, plum, orange, burgundy, light red copper, Beaujolais, Bordeaux – one of these colors should to choose upcoming season to bright appearance representatives for „winter” types, but a “fall” and „spring” girls will approach this shades: golden-copper, red copper, garnet-red. It should also pick up fairly bright makeup to your rich hair color, otherwise face will appear pale. Especially beautiful shades of all above shades with porcelain-white and swarthy face skin.

Hair color for 2013 – Brunettes:
As for brunettes, it is important here saturated shade, can be designate a few colored strands for brightness. Natural blue-black, dark chestnut, blueberry, wild berry, red cherry. Without lightening can give a beautiful ebb for dark hair. Dark hair look more lively and natural thanks to its well-groomed.

Choose a paint with a natural shine – it will look great!


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