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Hair color for 2016 (70 photos)

Fashionable hair color 2016 (70 Photos)


In fashion 2016 predominance natural hair colors, but that does not mean you need to abandon the artificial dyes, just if you choose a bright artificial shade, then it should look as if it’s your natural. Therefore, we select the best coloring and constantly updating color.


Emphasize the delicate shades of natural color via strands. Transverse and longitudinal coloring use in such proportions, order to a view stay close to nature. Exclusive soft shades on light hair will create the trend effect, but dark hair will become an excellent basis for 3D coloring. 


Chameleon Effect coloring gives your hair game of shades, this is achieved with a gradient of color, the transition from dark to light, not the only solution, it is also possible staining from matt, almost achromatic color to a brighter, living – this approach is also welcome. Colors backlight in the strands and layers gives hair volume and dynamics. Transitions in Ombre Hair style is also relevant, but this year it’s more soft, without the use of active contrasts.



Fashion nuances of toning for blondes

Сhoose a blonde dyes must be in accordance with the appearance color type, because in fashion is naturalness. All that is required in this embodiment, the staining is to achieve 80% natural effect. In a fashion back wheat and very light shades. Naturalness is often achieved by adding more light strands.



Fashion solutions for medium hair color

From the cool colors in fashion are still ash and wood tones. Warm with a red and yellow midtone shades look great on hair of any length, if you add a slight highlights, missed on all length, that refreshing color.


Brunettes choose saturated color

Wood tones in a dark scheme designed to look more saturated same natural subtone, so painting is very refreshing color.

8832-gross-horz 8860-gross-horz


Artificial, bright and delicate colors, ideas, Photos

Neon coloring, and other bright trends use of which is pursued deliberately extravagant effect, the color looks very bright and is made to be very high quality. Bright colorful dyes give the image of delicate, feminine nuances and attract attention. Examples in the photos…

Long haircuts for 2016 Photos here http://www.gorodmod.com/long-haircuts-for-2016-120-photos/


Fashionable coloring

Creative zonal coloring with a combination of bright and natural colors is the trend of the year and apply if necessary shearing to emphasize haircut form, select layers, levels, asymmetry. Only you should avoid too many different colors.


Highlights from the tone transition from light to dark looks this year almost imperceptibly, gently and it’s used in a chaotic manner, without a clear gradation. Often the effect is carried out within the same color.


Highlights in 2016 may be thick or partial. You can also choose between thin and broader strands. Frequent coloring allows achieving for a lighter natural color, to emphasize the texture of hair, partial highlights gives nuances, allocates individual strands, makes the base color brighter. Interesting ideas in the photos …

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Accent bangs coloring make you visible, bright, attractive. These were in the 90’s and again back in fashion, and stylists have offered new ideas and solutions.


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