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Hairstyles For Long Hair 2014 – 65 Photos

Due stylists a different epochs hairstyles many times became unrealistic popular. Interesting, what stylists have done for once? What offer to do with long hair in 2014? What styles are affected? Indeed it is time to reflect on how to braid, wind hair, collect, pin up long locks, in fact good, fashionable hairstyle is half the battle, i’s more important, as hair styled.

Volume and curls

Created lush hairdos of curls of intensive bouffant. Require strong fixation lacquer and master creative inspiration. In fashion as negligent and glamorous styling with curls. It makes no sense to create a volume masterpiece on the head in daily image, it is still more or even couture evening variant. With volume it is possible to cope as well at home.


Vintage waves and curls

For evening dress at the floor can not do without well tended hair and styling of graceful smooth waves one can not do. Sophistication and simplicity of retro hairstyles conquer the men hearts and imagination of enviers.


How fashionable to wear collected hair?

To the aid come bundles, french seashells and various weaving. Make a high hairdos or plait it braid just need more casually as possible, so stylists are experimenting with long hair, trying surprise interested public of artificial imperfection.


Curvy inaccuracy

Curls – not the only solution in lush hairstyles creating, spiral and corrugation stretching excellent give volume over the entire length or in part. There are not strict rules in styling-only experiments and styling for fixation.


Try a fashionable combination of textures: lush hair and smooth,
braid and loose …


How to style long hair?

No more sexy hairstyles than open a beautiful ear, put hair to one side.


Comfort and style are combined in the most simple way to wear long hair in everyday life – certainly it’s a tail. Choose one of the fashion choices of the tail and you’ll look extraordinarily important.


And a few more ideas for everyday hair styling …


Slightly unconventional solutions …


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