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Hairstyles for rectangular face

Choosing a hairstyle is more dependent the thickness and structure of the hair, but the shape of the face is also important. Share several types of persons who are defined geometric shapes: square, rectangular, trapezoidal, inverted-trapezoidal, round, oval, elongated oval. But it is worth considering that this division is rather conditional, of course, a person can not meet the geometric form, in principle. These figures – only the reference point, to the shape, which is approaching. In general, this classification is have always some goals, here it is – the ability of visual face shape changing to so-called ideal shape – oval. This is perfectly feasible with makeup or hairstyles.

Today I will try to explain the principle of hairstyles choosing for common fairy type of person rectangular.

So, if you are the owner of this type, there is always a choice to emphasize that shape, which is given by nature and it is to be a strong personality, or bring it closer to standards.

In the first case fit any hairstyle with a clear geometry: square bob haircut with straight bangs or long hair of the same length with the same straight bangs, asymmetric, and hair cutting with rounded lines. These hairstyles attract attention to themselves, changing the perception of the oval.

Hairstyles for a rectangular face – Photo:


In order to soften the rectangular shape of the face, you can use a smooth transition to the hair color in several shades. To soften the lines suitable as different types of curls. Haircut desirable to add of , preference should be given to gradual and cascading.

For long hair can be cut asymmetrical bangs fringed, half covering the forehead. Generally the owners of the facial features it is usually high, so in hairstyle top should be given special attention.

Medium length hair should be voluminous and lush. Rectangular face disposed to surround in top of the haircuts, with a gradual decrease to bottom. Looks great face strands framing and side parting.

Owners of a rectangular face shape should avoid haircuts with heavy thick bangs.


In this case of an elongated or oblong rectangle creating a hairstyle is to add a side volume, thereby shifting focus away from top to the sides.


Evening hairstyles for rectangular faces

Perfectly suited for the evening updo with volume at the crown, all possible forms curls, slightly collected to the top strands and casually tousled hair with top and side fleece. It should be remembered that in the case of high installation should be left somewhat out of strands on each side and not too hair smoothing.


To sum up, I want to say that recommendations in this article have a general character and may not fully apply to all features of that appearance type. In each case the value particular of individual features, that’s when, as a style consultant, I can advise specific scissoring and styling.

But, if you do make a decision, guided by this article principles, try to be careful and take into account all your individual nuances.

Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a beautiful hairstyles and thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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