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Hairstyles for women 50 years old

When a woman in 50 years to choose a short haircut, three basic components should be important: 

1) the ideal shape of a hairstyle,

2) sated color of hair,

3) fashionable image. 

This means, that a woman in her 50 years to keep pace with fashion, where color and shape will determine her style.

Hairstyles for women 50 years old – how to choose?

What to pay attention on? 

Are there any restrictions?


If you have got used to naturalness and you have long hair, choose natural sated colors (chestnut, fair, and honey blond). Ask your hairdresser to add some locks for brightness. The main task is to give brightfulness to the color that you lack in your 50’s.

If you have long hair, try to curl them, create natural ringlets. If your hair is thick enough, better leave the length, in other cases safely choose a hairdress of average length or a short hairstyle. It will help you look well-groomed and neat.



The fashionable hairdresses of average length which are looking goon on ladies of elegant age – the extended bob, graduated blunt bob, blunt bob with a bang, cascade hairstyle of average length.

Classical short hairstyle, fashionable short hairdo with extended bang, asymmetry – that’s what you have to choose.

Hairstyles from the 50’s for women – Photo:



50 – it is a high time for experiments; if you are not following the fashion, you will look like an old lady. That’s what you have to follow in your 50’s – fashion, extravagance, elegance, modernity. Hair highlighting and graduation of locks, short hairstyles and bright color of hair – that’s your fashionable choice.


First thing you have to do in your 50’s is care for yourself – your sexappeal and beauty depends on it.

Playing sports, cosmetic procedures in salon such as a peeling of different types and masks with lifting-effect, healthy food – these things are capable to save the beauty for many years. And when you love yourself and care for yourself, every day means a lot to you. Basic mistake women of 50’s are making is a constant aspiration to rejuvenate. But all you need to do is look elegant, modest, and confident. Therefore you have to pick a hairdo according to a desirable type. Trust us, even the ultrashort hairstyle can look good on a woman in her 50’s.

Yana Fomina for “Gorod Mod” Magazine


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