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How to choose a right dress?

Have the perfect dress in the wardrobe – the dream of every woman, because it is often the case that it will work on a style, but the color or pattern fills and neckline does not look quite advantageous.
Choice of dress should begin in advance, defining moments of style and some other details, which will approach you:

1. The role of dress in the wardrobe, and fashion

First, let’s define the purpose of the dress buying. In winter, every day more suitable dress made of thick material: costume fabric and knitted jersey, and the output smooth fabric, lace, fabric with glitter. Pay attention to fashion styles and colors of the season and determine whether they are to you.

2. Neckline

The second step is to draw attention to the dresses neckline, he is able to transform the shape or vice verse spoil the visual effect. In most it is cases because the cut-out dress can not go for you.
Thus, any open notches: V-shaped, deep oval neckline, square – focus attention on face, lengthen the neck and torso, and add full volume in the shoulders. Please note, that this neckline requires a accessories on neck, so they have to pick up at once and added to the purchase price.
A horizontal neckline balances the narrow shoulders and profitable will advantageous present collarbone line. And a small round collarless neckline accents a shoulder and pulls silhouette, but visually cuts the neck. Clamp, on the contrary, can pull the neck and shoulders makes visually narrow.

  • Miranda Kerri and her dress – This is how you can change with just one wardrobe piece!

3. Style and cutting peculiarities

Usually stylists advise to choose a style, submitting the figure in a positive light. Well form-fitting models are “pear” and “hourglass” figures and semilying silhouette decorate “rectangle”. Free dress and straight cut are “apple”, “rectangle”, but the women, “hourglass”, this style should be supplemented with a belt at the waist.
Laconic semilying cut and hard tissue perfectly hide a tummy and other shortcomings. low waistline created for “rectangle” figure, and a trapezoidal silhouette decorate “inverted triangle”. Are reminded of the decorative elements and cut features. Women with magnificent breast should avoid large models with high waist. Flashlight sleeve expands its shoulders and fit “pear”, but raglan sleeves – contrary.
Decorative elements in the form of waves, ruffles and pockets swells the part where there are. It should also use the properties of color and pattern on the fabric.

  • In the picture below, you can watch, as a style, color, fabric and color dresses affect the visual perception of the figure.


4. Fabrics, patterns and colors

It should also use the properties of color and pattern on the fabric. So, bright colors enhance the shape and dark make visually slimmer. Large print enhances visual perception of the figure and the small print creates an illusion of a small volume. In addition, any drawn lines also illusory affect the perception of figures. For example, by using the color would smooth flowing lines of angularity and hard, graphic, large prints are dividing the figure make it a miniature, vertical – add slimness, horizontal lines – networks will shorten the “body” or extended.
With the prints can distract attention from the figure or on the contrary put it up for the show!


5. Length

It is definitely a matter of proportions and are usually chosen in each specific case, because the growth, size and other features of figure so individual. Most moderate length is above the knee, and is considered a universal dress to the knee.
Long – suitable higher for women, but there are exceptions: if a petite girl wears a long dress with short jacket or choose to expanded to the bottom dress. Mini – the lot of women with slender, beautiful legs, but you can deceive surrounding and to correct the shape with high boots, elongated coat or thick black tights.

Take account of their shape, height, age, and then the perfect dress will be in your wardrobe!

Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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