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How to wear a jean jacket?

What attracts women from all world in this seemingly trite subject of casual wardrobe? Probably in denim jackets universality, in fact it may be worn as a teenage girl with a flower print dress, leggings or jeans shorts as a woman of elegant age, wear it with a pencil skirt, form-fitting knit dress or summer cotton trousers. Every fashionista will be able to choose the style, adorning her body, with or without finishing, dark blue classic denim or bleached. It is more important than the ability to transform suiting ensemble with a denim jacket in a memorable and stylish kit. To do this, you must correctly choose the jacket style, select a right accessories. We see some ideas on this point, based on use of of accessories and bright accents.

How to decorate a denim jacket, not having knowledge in field of design and sewing art skills?

Denim jacket due to neutral blue is considered as a basic thing. If not flashy costume ensemble, for example: a black pencil skirt and a white T-shirt, as sets decoration use active accessories and colorful accents. This may be a bright red flower brooch, shoes or belt, crimson scarf, maybe a saturated grass color skirt. Feel free to use this method, taking into consideration your favorite color. Just do not set multiple accents and use more than two colors at one time.


Just select accessories to a denim jacket


The next way to decorate denim jacket – is to use a scarf, kerchief, shawl. No need for too prominent accessory to make an interesting image. Choose appropriate colors and that is enough. Suitable as bulk scarves and flowing shawls. It all depends what kind of impression you want to make.

Bracelets, necklaces, beads …


Bracelets, necklaces, bag, sunglasses, hat – all perfectly completes an image. Decorate a denim jacket with accessories fairly simple if you follow a set style orientation. Decorations in ethnic style will suit a summer dress, beads and bead bracelets create more exquisite image, a metal chains display a rock or military kit subtext. 


If you have any problems with accessories selection, should give preference jacket of decorative finishing. It can be beaded silk or thread embroidered, denim rivets or Swarovski crystals. Bright look model with a decorative edging or lock zippers. In this case, even  complete lack of accessories will look interesting and fresh.


I would like to finish this article by one of Coco Chanel’s famous aphorism: 

“Beware of originality. In the women’s fashion originality can lead to a masquerade. “

This saying, recommendation directly related to accessories choice. Always think about  impression given by surrounding. Even in the most ordinary denim jacket can look refined or vulgar. The choice is yours!

Gorod Mod Magazine wishes a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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