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Jackets for men spring summer 2013

The jacket is no longer a single whole with suit and, by the way, his existence as a male wardrobe separate part  greatly increased his popularity. The correct jacket is able to create a anything male image, that you want, but not only at the personal taste and itself perception depends choice of jacket, no small role here plays fashion trends.

For example, the trend of wearing a jacket with casually sleeves rolled up became popular not because of street fashion, but rather in good faith imposed by designers.The men, in turn, are enthusiastic about this whim of fashion.

Style jacket also give things with which it is worn. So, jackets for men spring summer 2013 wear with jeans, light cotton trousers, short narrow pants, sports jerseys pants and even a mini shorts. And still rolled up jacket sleeves. Another way to transform an ordinary jacket – wear under a bike with a hood, stylish colored jumper or both simultaneously.



This season is to buy something special. Jackets for men spring summer 2013 supplemented with original details: decorative flower, contrasting lapels, gold buttons. In fashion as unusual fabric solutions: denim, knits, colored cotton and silk.


A special place in fashion of jackets in 2013 given to the bright and positive colors. Bold men are not afraid to draw attention to themselves, if it of course need. For this case, in the new collection has jackets for men spring summer 2013 in saturated orange, blue, green and red colors. As well as models of striped fabric, cage, floral or abstract prints.


Relatively fashions designers divided into two camps: some think that the male figure requires slim and form-fitting style, others prefer to artificially create voluminous cuts contrast. Single-breasted prevail over double-breasted models, a wide variety of styles: from sporty to glamorous. Some designers prefer to experiment with male image (Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton..), presenting their collections models, similar to footmen  Liveries or soldiers’ uniforms blazers. 


Jackets for men spring summer 2013 – Photos:


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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