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Kids fashion trends 2013 for boys

The basis of kids fashion trends 2013 for boys may be considered Casual Style and is based on it being built a child wardrobe. Supplement the everyday things you can clothing with elements of Rock and Country styles, well as with sports and classic things.


In children’s fashion a very important part plays a color.  Fashionable solutions to this matter offers every designer. Saturated and bright colors are also relevant, as well as pastels. In fashion those colors: blue, red, yellow, pink, blue, orange, gray melange, fuchsia, green. Suitable in summer bright and rich shades of these colors, and in the cold season is best to wear a deeper, more saturated shades.


Often in collections on a neutral background colors present a few bright accents. It can be knitted sweaters, vests, scarves, T-shirts. Here it is important not to make mistakes in kits drawing. That is why it is better to prefer one brand clothes, so more likely to join a appropriate color. The children’s fashion, the same rules is a three colors combining (even if colorful) in one set.


Many things in collections are made for boys in neutral beige, brown, gray shades. Boys are such this things with bright accessories: hats, scarves, suspenders, shoes, sunglasses. About what kind of haircuts all the rage for boys is available here: http://www.gorodmod.com/boys-haircuts-2013/


Over the prints in summer collections – this is nautical theme, and thus edging and things with stripes. In general, in collections are many abstractions and graphics. In vogue are plaid shirts and rest in kids fashion trends 2013 for boys used plain fabrics. In fashion prints drawing on T-shirts and the use of contrasting detailing.


Are quite popular shortened models hooded windbreakers with zipper and buttons in the summer season, well as sports jackets. In fashion are textile and leather bomber jackets. rock-jackets, but in winter alaska jackets and sports down models.

In boy wardrobe should be a place for club blazer, double-breasted coat and a stylish waistcoat.


In wardrobe of modern boy must be perfectly sitting suit (in size): a jacket and straight, slightly shortened trousers. Particularly relevant accessories kids fashion trends 2013 for boys can be considered hats and suspenders. From details in fashion is every possible inscriptions on T-shirts, sweater, jeans. A necessary footwear are: sneakers or athletic shoes, Loafer, sandals, boots, rubber boots.


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine

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