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Kids fashion trends 2013 for girls

Children fitting room of summer 2013 may be filled with the most ordinary things: jeans, shorts, jackets, coats, shirts, dresses, skirts, and of course hats, sandals, sneakers, handbags. 

Little ladies and their stylish moms can safely give preference to a multi-colored outfits or compiled in one full color sets, which will make the image of the girl groomed, aesthetic and refined. Do not be afraid that it will look dull and it does not matter that women’s fashion designers often do not support a one-color sets, it is little fashionista with hers charisma and cheerful nature make the resulting outfit for interesting. This season, designers have picked up for little girls the most current solutions to the silhouette and cut, so as also made a selection of interesting, high-quality materials. In kids fashion trends 2013 for girls relevant tissues such as linen, cotton, satin, chintz, jersey, denim. 


In kids fashion trends 2013 for girls is very important benefits – comfort and convenience. But this is not enough for fashionable girls. Casual style just need to add stylish touches: handbags, backpacks, hats, headbands with a bow, bracelets, necklaces, watches, scarves. Bright and visible accents at neutral color scheme of the set created with accessories is now in vogue. It can also be no bright flounces or drapery detailing on fabric, embroidery.


Addition to casual in kids fashion trends 2013 for girls has a variety of styles: country, vintage, nautical theme, denim, sports. Actual bold prints and colors mixing, of trendy colors include: turquoise, blue-gray, berry tones, deep blue, pale blue, warm pink, juicy and muted green, citrus and powdery shades.  Originally a combination of looks and cornflower white flowers, resembling a painting by Russian Gzhel, but red, white and green shades combination with style of the country is akin to the national costume of the Slavic peoples.


Not without contrasts, they are particularly relevant in marine theme – this combinations of red, blue, black on white background make sets of clothes refined and luxury.


From prints in fashion: a thin strip, sweet peas, cauliflower cell, floral and graphic patterns. In designer collections used finishing of beads, embroidery, knitting and lace detail, Multi-layer finishing. In 2013 are relevant A-silhouette dresses, sets of retro 20’s, dresses with high or low waist line, assembly and folds in skirts, wardrobe items of straight cut (pants, tops, jackets). In the fashion also denim items: suits, jackets, jeans, shorts, skirts. Clothes of this kind of material usually complement sets of bright cotton, silk and knitted items.


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