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Kids haircuts for girls 2013

Hair girls usually are long and what matters how a haircut is decorated. Haircuts for girls with long hair are relevant: lower cascade, interesting bangs and straight edge. In children’s hair salon fashion is important to maintain the natural texture of the hair. Thin and soft – it is better to make irregular streaked, asymmetrically rounded off the edge hairstyles. haircuts on the basis of classical any length most advantageous look at the thick hair. 


For curly hair actually add some graded bang making an image of a perky. A great solution for long hair will be a gradual clearance of strands around the face.


The average length looks great with hair cuts with short flight of stairs. In fashion also are cascades and asymmetrical forms. 


Short haircuts for girls should not be cut too short, in vogue hairstyles of contrast short bangs and an elongated nape or oblique long bangs and short nape. 


Curls are still relevant as for average length, and for long hair. In a fashion different weaving and original solutions with tails. Stylish looks with different hair styles and textures: gofre, curls and straight strands interspersed throughout.


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine

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