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Kofta spring summer 2016 handbags collection Photos

Architecture is a constant source of inspiration for fashion designers, today we have the opportunity to meet with such inspired architecture, collection of Ukrainian designer Konstantin Kofta. The collection was shown at Paris Fashion Week. The designer put 3D printing and sculpture with juicy shapes and materials together to create their own unique backpacks and handbags. Enjoying lookbook and take on ideas from this Ukrainian designer interesting fashion experiment.

Kofta spring summer  2016 handbags collection Photos

KOFTA-1-620x443 KOFTA-3-620x443 KOFTA-4-620x443 KOFTA-5-620x443 KOFTA-6-620x443 KOFTA-7-620x443 KOFTA-8-620x443 KOFTA-9-620x443 KOFTA-10-620x443 KOFTA-11-620x443 KOFTA-12-620x443 KOFTA-13-620x443 KOFTA-14-620x868

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