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Long haircuts for 2013

Owners of long hair in 2013 is to focus on styles and textures mix, it can be:

  • haircut with a straight, dense, smooth bangs, combined with textured graded edge
  • cascade haircut with straight bangs
  • ragged connection elements and clear straight lines.

Art negligence and sleek gloss successfully combined in a single ensemble with professional haircut techniques. Give your hair a creative negligence, while recognizing the hair texture, density, color, obedience – Here the basic fashion trend.
Form bangs for long hair gets to face shape and hair structure, considered relevant ultra short and length below the eyebrows. Density varies from cutting form, but it should take into account. Long, covering the eyebrow line – more elegant, mysterious, gorgeous, attractive, it’s quite versatile in installation: can be worn on the side parting, or directly on face.
The classic flat bangs up to eyebrows to simplest image with long hair, exception is its presence in ragged haircut, in combination with styling curls or of most bang original structure. Usually classic blunt cut bangs runs. In general, trends in hair fashion lean toward different lengths and density textured bangs, which is perfectly in tune with graded haircuts and contrasted with the waves or curls.
The rounded shape bangs also cutting blunt cut, as usually is sufficiently dense, herself cutting with must also have a distinct form.

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Long haircuts for 2013 – Photo:


Hairstyles without bangs, slanting bang, sculpted curls and waves

The use of a haircut long hair graduation great for hairstyles with sculpted curls and waves of different sizes creating. Actual haircut “cascade” are both smooth styling or a lush volume curled structure. In new season in vogue is still haircuts with long flowing at face slanting bangs . The most fashionable styling – a contrasting combination of smooth roots and wavy curls at the ends. A fan of light natural fit ragged haircut with uneven edge, which through a special placement into a fashionable hairstyle “Grunge.”


Haircuts for long straight hair 2013 – photos:

Haircuts with slanting bangs, asymmetrical, ragged – all they share a romantic, daring, femininity and extravagance, as a result it seems as if the tips are specifically exactly ragged. This looks great on thick straight hair, but does not decorate the fine structure. Very useful in this case is suitable contrasting coloring performed on hair ends. For example for brunettes it can be red tones, which further emphasizes the haircut unusual form.
Haircut ladder or steps will give a dynamic image and adds volume.
At the bill torn strands of different lengths, creative styling, coloring, texturing and unexpected bright color combinations, 2013 long hair are visible, bright and luxurious accent in female image.

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Long haircuts for 2013 – Photos:


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine

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