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Long Haircuts For 2014 – 59 Photos

Perhaps the each owner of long hair would like to change in his image. But spite of this in the barbershop fashion never too drastic changes, changing not only the full concept as some nuances. Let’s see what’s a new offer stylists for long hair in this year.

Layered, cascading and graduated haircuts 2014

Cascade has a different shape in 2014, when the gradual strands are concentrated at the top, giving the volume or when it supports a form at the bottom of a haircut. In fashion as intensive equipment graduation and contrasting layers. In gradual haircuts in 2014 to “foreground” goes bang, made with the same technique. Asymmetric, elongated, slanting, short, rounded, layered – any of these bangs according stylists will be relevant in this case.


Accented thick bangs

Trendy hairstyles with thick bangs just below the brow line suggest a several solutions of long hairstyles 2014: the variant with a smooth cut of to the layered head of hair. In fashion bangs round or straight forms. 


Volume on the long hair and the Natural effect 

Density and volume can be created artificially by the “correct” haircuts (tapered technique), just like the effect of naturalness. Smooth, textured, wavy – the idea of long hairstyles create textures. For bulk and simple haircuts desirable a natural hair color.


The creative design for length

Stage, layered and asymmetrical elements, slanting haircuts, elongated strands – trendy hairdressers techniques for interesting hair design to face. Not all original solutions of stylists from hairdressing podium comes in ordinary life

,but still with unusual ideas for bangs and side locks are now in vogue.


Haircuts for long curly hair

And finally, how to get a fashionable curly hair in 2014. Should give preference for cascade and layered haircuts, but without too much contrast grading which deprives curly hair volume.


See also video with stylists ideas how to pick up a long haircut

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