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Makeup without mascara

An appreciable makeup, beautiful expressive eyes or curved eyelashes – all these things are good mascara achievement, besides it completes eye makeup. But we will try to do special expressive makeup without mascara using?
Well we first analyze – why do we have to give up of mascara?
First of all: eyelashes fade in summer, subjected to continuous impact (makeup removing, mascara applying), sometimes just need treatment and rehabilitation. Secondly, you may have a seasonal allergic reaction, watering and other medical reason of mascara rejection.
Lack of mascara not a reason to do a sloppy and unattractive makeup, it can look completely finished.
For this we consider the visagistes secrets, with they are using in shows of famous fashion houses.
Makeup of gray shadows different colors - it looks nice and natural.
The shadows are used matte or glossy, but not bright, in outer part is painted darker shades, lighter tone – the mobile eyelid and inner corner. Eyebrows in such makeup emphasize with hair tone shadows, it makes your image even more natural. On the lips – beige lipstick.

Gorod Mod Magazine recommends Disco Makeup

Makeup without mascara with arrow used: modern cosmetics eyeliner or pencil, which – are soft and easy to shade with brush for shadows. The arrow is painted along your upper lash line, which creates the desired expressive effect, only is it important to choose a good quality pen: brown or black. Lips are emphasizing with delicate lip gloss or pale pink lipstick.

Makeup with emerald shadows
To inflict strip-arrow shadows with applicator along the upper lash line. May continue the line under lower outer corner of your eye. On the lips is scarlet lipstick. This striking image clearly demonstrates, that without mascara on the eyelashes can make a bright and attractive makeup.


Another type of the fashion makeup without mascara to emphasize with lower inner eyelid and thin line in upper eyelashes growth and on the mobile eyelid applied are brown shade.
If in previous version eyelashes is not emphasized, in this eyelash growth line is quite clearly highlighted.


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