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Medium length haircuts 2014 – 46 Photos

Which medium length haircut will be the most fashionable in 2014?

The answer will be found in traditional canons of hairdressing, taking into account that through a new professional look a classic acquires a totally different, new meaning. Who could have predicted that 2014 will be the year of the classic bob. It seems that the stylists are tired of shaved necks, length contrasting strands and asymmetrical details and went back to basics and offer to wear a bob with traditional bangs.

From this image emanates elegance, luxury, confidence, because
not for nothing that the rich and noble ladies choose this hairstyle. Gorod Mod Magazine recommends! Bob can be trapezoidal, oval or rectangular, also bang shape can influence to perception of bob, creating different images: an elegant, creative, romantic. Fashion styling for this haircut:

  • easy artistic mess at the top of haircuts
  • impeccably smooth and straight strands,
  • curls and straight textures combination
  • light waves
  • twisted inside ends.


What a new else offer a hair stylists?

Tradition and classics are not for you and you want a stylish solution associated with a significant change of image? Then you should get a variant with ultra-short or asymmetrical bangs, which will make the image more youthful and playful. To young girls in 2014 suit haircut on asymmetrically with torn effects or paint ends in bright shade: purple, blue, burgundy. Not less actual solution here can be slanting bang, slightly covering one eyebrow, combined with a fashionable graded steps haircut, what makes a little cocky and bold image. Processed with intermittent graduation equipment using hair turn into a fashionable haircut of several layers.


Ideally, for Medium length perfectly fits a Cascade, that will decorate an owners of the fine structure of hair, but a thick head of hair will find a so needed easy. Be prepared for the fact that in 2014 master can offer you the vanguard haircut, which is performed using a combination of different techniques and is based on a sharp change in contour. Support the effect of painting multicolored strands painting.


2014 hairstyles and styling for medium length

At the peak of popularity:

  • laying in a grunge style,
  • retro waves and curls
  • lush hairstyles based curls,
  • asymmetrical styling,
  • combination of different textures in one image.

Neat updo – the inheritance of brides 2014, otherwise welcome a little carelessness, tails, bundles, shells, plaits, twists in 2014 should look “not right”. That’s why in fashion is bouffant.

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