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The image in the casual style: everyday gloss in the wardrobe

Style – is the ability to talk about themselves in the right key in the language of clothes, fashionable art that learning all their lives. But how to combine everyday life and style, that to look organic in the office and on the friendly gatherings, and on a Sunday stroll? The answer is simple – to get dressed in the casual spirit.

One of the three pillars of everyday image – dearly loved by all jeans.
Pants made of denim clothing better the rest of the able to become a second skin, emphasizing seductive shapes and delicately place tucked away doubtful. Youth jeans often tapered to the bottom, solid people prefer strict straight models. Both are combined with any other accessories, depending on the occasion, successfully combined with other styles things – sports, stern, romantic, glamorous, creating an “intelligent” eclecticism effect.

Any image-maker with the word casual thinks of Loafer and moccasins, perfect shoes for the fans of this style. They differ in ascetic elegance combined with maximum comfort for shoes.
Color and texture of the image is meant casual naturalness – uncolored leather, suede, textile motifs.
Peace and harmony are observed in everyday wear shades: blue, chocolate, white, and mustard.
Another characteristic of a casual thing is T-shirt. In any wardrobe should have several shirts moderate lurid colors with classic style prints. They are combined with a simple and unassuming outerwear: jackets, trench coats, cardigans, shirts.


“Casual” silhouette male costume has a soft shape and “relaxation” coating – shoulder pads, the freedom in the area of the hips, rounded contour of the collar and cuffs . Help sculpt the silhouette of a soft quilted material and bouckle fabric, natural tweed, velvet and other fabrics fleecy. Men’s casual shoes are in a spirit usually lacing or its similarity in the picture, slightly elongated nose and a welt.

Lush scarves and mufflers tied up scenic nodes; help diversify everyday style without additional accessories. Large travel bags can fit all the necessary items for the day.

Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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