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Men’s fashion shirts 2016 Photos

Well, dear man, is not the designers come up with a viable alternative to shirts, we will continue to wear them. Offers to familiarize with assortment and trends. This year will be particularly relevant has dressed out models, they wear mostly in multilayer ensembles. Classics cotton models we also don’t leave, more is still in fashion freestyle denim and silk shirts.

2016 year assortment is divided into:

  • casual shirts free style,
  • business models,
  • evening group shirts,

Such classification as a result greatly facilitates our choice when buying.

Men’s fashion shirts 2016 Photos

Plaid shirt

Begin to review shirt especially street theme – plaid shirts. It’s amazing perfect a daily option for every day for the city, to choose winter flannel, for the summer – cotton. The first to wear a turtleneck or atop shirt an open form, the second – with a tie and unbuttoned the top buttons.



Yet another shirt for everyday urban wardrobe. For the office, it is too extravagant, in other cases – that is necessary! This year’s Denim most diverse, from the black and blue to dark blue or classic denim. In 2016, we put on a denim shirt under the blazer, over a white shirt with a tie or with simple cotton shirt, as well as over turtlenecks and T-shirts. Examples in the collections of Tomas Maier, Dior Homme, Miharayasuhiro, James Long.

More men’s fashion trends:




This type of shirt is already a special occasion due to the transparency of the fabric and deep cut. Add elegant costume pants and you’re at the parade!


Kits with shirts

Once again we will remind of the functions of the multi-layer jacket in the men’s wardrobe in 2016. Complete sets of two shirts will create exactly the effect of fashion, which is needed. So we pull out from the wardrobe the best specimens and put on one another.



Black shirt magic captivates the opposite sex. The more that women are experts in universal black article of clothing, they are also Chanel taught to wear a little black dress.



If you don’t want uniformity in the wardrobe, take note of the trend with applique. What does it give you? Surprise surrounding of design thing. Applique fashion shirt adorned Andrea Pompilio, Christopher Shannon, Antonio Marras, Kris Van Assche.


With zipper

To be original is not necessary to resort to extreme measures, it can be limited to a modest design idea to replace the buttons on his shirt with zipper. See examples of Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, 3.1 Phillip Lim.


The original ideas

Experiments with cut of shirts primarily concerned neckline, as well as the shape and length of the sleeve, shirt can also vary the original coloring.


Single cut

This is a favorite style of Dolce & Gabbana duo they also provide an update on the season.


White model under suit

The difference is that white model primarily collar adapted for a bow tie.



Men’s shirts 2016 white cotton and satin are very diverse in this year, from elongated from dressed out to classic with applique. In the collections are seen and business, and also evening models.



Decorate the shirt

The real hits of 2016 steel accessories, decorating the evening group shirts: neckties, belts, cuff links. 



Black on white or white on black? This question designers will be asked an infinite number of times each season and the answer will be different.


Warmed models

What will replace the shirt jacket in the men’s wardrobe, after all not always want to look elegant and respectable, sometimes want to wear something relaxed.


With polo collar

Wearing a tight shirt can and to work, to put under it quite a thinner cotton shirt with a tie. But to fill it probably is not necessary, it is better output.


With oriental pattern

Make a little east subjects in the wardrobe using shirts with arabesque ornament without giving up a set of warm clothes to complement: woolen scarf (Color) or velvet coat (Burberry Prorsum).


Top in trousers tone

Wear her with athletic pants or suit trousers…


How fashionable to wear a shirt this year?

Buying a shirt, you take responsibility for what it will be combined, for themselves. We can only offer ideas on photos.


Stylish print

the most relevant figures of the season pop art objects, abstract, graphic, themed ornaments.


Classical shirts

Add another review of the classic shirts, suitable for the business sector and for evening exits.


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