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Men’s hairstyles for 2013

Men, who know a lot about fashion is easier to find their hairstyle, when you see that actually and based on that manifests fantasy about your image. But, not only form, content has a meaning, therefore is enough to carefully monitor to a good hair condition. In addition, there is an excellent condition of the hair is simply necessary, in fact fashion 2013 includes medium length haircuts, where is main emphasis on a thick volume bangs.
Of course, the classic short haircuts as valid, but rather will choosing owners of finer hair and conservative views. Minimum maintenance requirements and a simple form of this haircuts, does not exclude in the arsenal of male cosmetics the modulating yet styling products presence. In the coming season classic gets a more modern appearance. Men wear short bangs is raising up with styling gel, and sides are placed in a direction of the face.


As for medium length haircuts (we assume that the 2-3 cm regrown short cut), here is preference a hairstyle with thick bangs. But her styling depends on age, status, men lifestyle. It offers a sporty fashion, light, smooth, ruffled and romantic styling.


Haircut with short side parts and the back of his head, with a thick upper part is especially relevant in coming year.
To lay this is several ways:

  • freely flows down to face bangs
  • tousled by modeling gel
  • lush, laid up in a cocoon (hairstyle “rokkabili”)
  • combed upward from the face thick strands
  • “Standing” bangs
  • free chaotic strands bangs combed back.


Since men still in the majority is bold in hairstyles choosing, in fashion, there are alternative classical, in this case, a variety of textured haircut: ragged, graded, shaved; where masters can fully show their professional skills. A sporting short haircut, laid spiky in an upward direction, look great with blond locks. Since emphasizes the structure of hair and set a style.
Business hairstyles are usually more reserved and require compliance hairdressing etiquette.
Divide strands of hair gel and send them chaotically – for free and sporty styles, but business – choose stacking direction to up (very symbolic – to success).

Men’s hairstyles for 2013 – Photo:


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine


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