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Men’s hairstyles for 2015 ( 87 Photos)

Men’s hairstyles for 2015 trends

Appearance for the modern man — one of the most important component of his success, both in private life and in business. So it is not surprising that the profession of a stylist male image is so popular and in demand now. These people are adopting the fashion trends from the catwalks in existence and also the trends of thehair. The way to get to a good hairdresser is now becoming a matter of prestige and fashionable hairstyle isnot less important than having a designer label jeans. Today, you have a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the trends in men’s haircut in 2015, the first to know about updates and to see it clearly. So…

Men’s hairstyles for 2015 – list of actual in this year 

  • Haircuts in boxer’s style
  • In the 1950’s style
  • Haircuts with direct and asymmetric bangs
  • Extra Long haircuts with oblique bangs
  • Frizzy and curly hairstyles
  • Cap form hairstyles
  • Layered haircut with oblique bang
  • Dandy or a haircut, ideal for bow tie
  • Brutality + sport
  • Intellectual and man of fashion style
  • Haircut for men with beard
  • Preppy and Canadian haircuts
  • Medium length haircuts
  • Long haircuts

Haircuts in boxer’s style

Low-key hairstyle for successful men –is haircut in boxer‘s style. Hair is cutting short at the temples and back of the head in the parietal area it is 1-2 cm longer.
Smooth styling for working and a bit disheveledfor the weekend is welcomed here. Quickly dry the hairdryer you will be only slightly disheveled hair, comb it in the middle or on the side of the face up, and in the restthere is no more easy and at the same time dynamic men’s hairstyles for 2015 for every day. Use gel with wet effect or styler for fixation.


Hairstyles ideas in the 1950’s style

Lush hair with long bang, laid a cook or slicked back adds into your image retro Hollywood glamour. Thistypical in the 50’s hairstyle is again at the height of fashion in 2015. Stylists have brought some new nuances into this haircut, slightly shortening the temple area and in the end everything in general looks more modern. In addition one can style it in several ways: the cook of parietal’s hair can hang over the foreheadand can be laid chaotic or ordered strands. It is clear that this hairstyle requires a little more attention during installation and caring of throughout the day, so such hair dress can afford only the man, who inattentive to himself and is a little pedantic owner of thick hair.


Haircuts with direct and asymmetric bangs

Thick, cutting blunt bangs looks a bit rough and falls on the forehead making the appearance heavier. But itemphasizes courage very good and can adjust the facial features. Everything will depend on the length of thebang and her form, the master will select and recommend one of the fashionable model of this season to theshape of your face. Stack it on the side or just dry your hair in shape of haircut.


Extra Long haircuts with oblique bangs

This haircuts have some featuresthe side strands are a little bit longer, and in addition to it the master is cutting you long oblique bang that fells on the floor face, the rest –is the point of-styling. Amaze a variety of ways to “wearthis hairstyle: parted in the middle, with a wet effect, combing hair from your face and on the face. In addition to this you can grow a beard that would make you the darling of womenreal macho.


Frizzy and curly hair

Stylists recommend elongated haircuts for curly texture and combined, in the short temple part of the gradual lengthening to the parietal part. Use your styling products with wet effect, as well as volume styler to make lush texture which is so fashionable this season.


Cap form hairstyles

Doing a haircut with a cap, the master opens the back of the head, cutting off it virtually at zero and creates a sharp transition between the upper and lower levels. Hairstyle is quite varied in styling, you can wear it in a smooth version, ruffling the hair in different directions or combed to the side.


Trend of the season 2015 is layered haircut with oblique bang

Its advantage is in versatilitystylish grading is so suitable for any type of hair. One can arrange this hairstyle emphasizing the layered texture. Inaddition, the hairdresser can also offer you to lighten a few strands to maintain a layered effect. Stack bang combed to the side or up in a cocoon.


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Dandy or a haircut, ideal for bow tie

Irreproachable haircut with long bang has no contrasts and at the same time, the main emphasis is placed on the fringe because of styling products and trends in styling. But you can always add fashionableinconsistencies in the appearance by growing stubble or elegant mustache. The criterion of an ideal image in this case would be a bow tie – the main sign of modern dandy.


Haircut styleBrutality + sport” is a fashionable idea for active men

You go in for sports, business and other active things then your hairdo should be comfortable and at the same time satisfy the requirements of fashion trends. It can be a haircut with short neck and side areas, with slightly elongated bang, which can always be modeled by gel, to create a wet effect, as if you are after training or put a bang lifting the roots.


Intellectual and man of fashion style

The classical form of the temples, smooth extension strands in the upper area and a smooth, glossy styling give away a softness in the man’s nature and intelligent approach to everything that concerns his appearance. It is so elegant, modest and tasteful and such impression is created when you look at the well-groomed hairstyle of an intellectual man. By the way adding a little animal brutality, such as stubble, you win even more from your image.


Haircut for men with beard

Beard is the most urgenthaircut” in 2015! This season is fashionable to wear as short manicured versions and long beards, in «Russian style“, “beard peasant“, some even manage to grow a beard in the style of guys from ZZ TOP. In any case, each of them is necessary to select a hairstyle. There are several variants: short, long,medium length, with long bang and shorthedgehog“. On the photo below you can see the proposals of stylists in this regard by choosing a beard which is really in your style.





Preppy and Canadian haircuts

In 2015 you can safely order your master such hairstyle as Preppy and Canadianthey are now at the peak of their popularity. In this case, master of male salons offer to add some creative nuances to neatness,exclusivity and comfort classic «Preppy» and «Canada‘s”, such as grading in the extended area and banglighten up a few strands, as well as change the principle of styling. Of course you can always put your hair parted on the side, smoothing them with gel as it was conceived in Preppy image, but you can add dynamiccreative and even avant-garde nuances to your image, thus changing your cut out of all recognition. Let‘s see what offer stylists.


To the average length one can choose classic bob in this season, adding a bit of grunge or vice versa gloss in styling.


Long Hairstyles

Regarding to men‘s hairstyles for 2015 stylistsopinion divided. Some consider the most urgent cascading haircut that gives the dynamics and volume, while others hold a more natural style of long hair with the same length and a slight grading to shape the form. The choice between these variants is based on the line type of appearance and depends on the structure of the hair. Both, incidentally, stylistscamps, which are notwarring, believe that wet effect on long hair is a trend of this season. Followers of boho and grunge can make a fashionable hairstyle striped grungy strands and weaving beams in this season (see photo).



These is the trends in fashion barber shop. What kind of haircut have you chosen for this season? Write about it in the comments and follow fashion with Gorod Mod Magazine!

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