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Men’s hairstyles for 2016 (130 photos)

Fashion is very changeable and in the male barber shop is not without new trends, or you have to grow a beard, or a long bangs. I wonder what sacrifices have to go in this year… Whether there will be to choose a new haircut?

Men’s hairstyles for 2016 (130 photos)

When you look at the work of stylists, it may seem that men’s hairstyles in 2016 must be stylish and fashionable stacked, but in fact, in life sometimes quite ordinary sports and light hairstyle. We note only that short hairstyles of this season are united an elongated top and short sides.

Sport Chic

Very clearly, this principle works in sports haircuts, it is usually clean-shaven head and sides, and ragged texture on top. It looks equally stylish like a sweatshirt, and with a tuxedo, and it’s very convenient to use.


Hairstyles for glasses

Here we need a little daring and at the same time carefully decorated haircut. Funny crest and textured strands which, if desired, can be put in a curl or slicked, with fashionable horn-rimmed glasses haircut look very intelligently, side while shortened or shaved.


The classic approach

This season stylists recommend to look at the form of a short neck and sides, when the bulk of this is long enough without sharp contrasting transitions and length.


Wave Laying

Do not rush to the hairdresser, if your classic hairstyle grew back, try the trendy approach of stylists and lay the hair with waves, this styling will allow to delay the need to update the cut.


Golden mean

The average length of hair is a temporary solution for the doubters and an excellent choice for confident.

Two three most relevant form for medium hair in fashion this season:

  • cascade
  • bob

Ask your hairdresser.



Hairstyle with enviable regularity back in fashion and each time impresses with its for new upgraded version. For once not been without modern touches, the sides are shorter, top – longer and a cocoon of bangs are still directed upwards.

Slightly longer seem a rockabilly version of the beard, here stylists decided to get away from delicate to bold crest cocoon.

Also available in hairdressing will be more gradual version of rockabilly, without contrast transitions in length.

As a result, forward broke three versions of haircut:

  • complete with beard
  • a bold cocoon
  • in a delicate performance


Everyday ways of rockabilly laying

This year the stylists, given the complexity of hair styling in a cocoon every day, went to meet men and offered a simple alternative version: on the one side and to face.


Layered and tattered haircuts for short length

Stylists are happy to use calibration techniques of strands and contrasting transitions along the length. Particularly impressive is the design looks at the person, side in such haircuts are usually shorter or shaved. Enjoying the work of stylists.


  • Break in curls

It is in this direction are going to operate masters in the case handling to male salons curly clientele. They will focus on the top and front hair of the head, which remain long enough, sides and back of the head – shorter.


A little about bang

Despite the fact that in the mode stacking from the face and to the up, bang will also not deprived of the attention of hairdressers. Here preference is given to a ragged short bangs in neat layered haircuts.


Brutality + Softness

Beard as a sign of the most brutal men this year decided to combine with the soft texture of hair and smooth lines of haircuts Mr Cool. Let’s see how this looks in tandem 2016th.


Extreme, eccentric, extravagant

These three words with the letter “E” characterize a category most better. The most bizarre this year recognized haircut undercut with shaved sides and back. On its theme stylists fantasize as much on style decisions in the category Vidal Sassoon.


  • “Canadian” and “preppy”

Now classic, and differ from each other only by arrangement parting and long fringe, these two versatile and unpretentious men’s haircut for 2016 looked at the hair of any type. From hair styling here are relevant:

  • wet effect
  • stylish crest
  • creative chaos


For beard

Given that the beard is still one of the important ways to arrange appearance stylists offered specially for her several options of hairstyles. In their opinion beard and hairstyle should be in harmony with each other, and hence the longer the first, the longer the second, side in any case either shave or cut very short. Rockabilly this year, significantly ahead of all other types of hairstyles for beard. A Canadian, preppy, boxing and classical form would be appropriate in the case of a neatly trimmed beard.


Long hair

Length suggests in this season are two types of cuts: layered and youth, as well as brutal with grunge nuances in styling. The latter does not hurt to grow a beard. Both the first and second options carry free with a careless effect, or gathered in a bun on top.


Ideas for elegant age

Stylists says that the older man so it should be more careful haircut as an option here is perfect rather short, athletic form.


Fashion hair styling for men 2016

Stylists this year offer complete freedom of choice in laying haircuts to every man. You can do with your hair anything:

  • lift up
  • ruffle and disheveled
  • combed to the side or put back
  • create a wet effect
  • fix the individual strands
  • to build a crest or a cocoon
  • collect hair in a ponytail or a bun

A review of stylists studies will help you, ask direction, shows the nuances of fashion hair styling…



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