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Men’s wedding suits 2013 (13 Photos)

A wedding dress and accessories choice to it largely depends from bridesmaid dresses design. It is important shade of white on the dress, his fashion, style, model and basic accessories. Most brides and grooms tend to give their preference to classic clothes, than what is extravagant. For women it is – the classic model dresses, while men prefer an elegant tailcoat or a suppressed waist suit.


Generally men’s wedding fashion, if we rely on experienced professionals, such as the Italian brand of Carlo Pignatelli, now prefers a suppressed waist jacket, skinny straight or narrowed trousers. Pants in wedding suit usually slightly shortened as opposed to the traditional classic. What are a following general trends in men’s fashion.

Threesome suit 2013 is out of time and a waistcoat is a favorite part of male designers. Due to the rounded edge of jacket, small lapels narrow sleeves waistcoat is a prominent part of holiday and addition of wedding set. Moreover, color of waistcoat often repeats tie, pants or shirt, than most of his jacket.


In collection of Carlo Pignatelli men’s wedding suits 2013 Spring Summer are many contrasts: white tie, supporting white edging of black jacket or such a contrasting combination, made in gray-black. It is noteworthy that in suit tie is important and it is his style, color, so as the shirt should be in harmony with bride image. In addition, image of the groom is sum of other accessories such as watches, brooch, ring, socks, shoes, and maybe even a hat. As a rule these details can make the image complete and original.


The colors in this collection: silver, dark blue, black, and they are relevant now. Carlo Pignatelli Cerimonia collection 2013 – a great example for modern grooms, follow fashion, but at the same time appreciating the tradition.

Men’s wedding suits 2013 Carlo Pignatelli Cerimonia collection Photos


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wedding wardrobe!

Author  Yana Fomina


  • MOORE NEWTON ORGHANN on August 27, 2013 at 8:47 pm said:

    may i through this medium commend the management and staff of Carlo Pignatelli fashions of Italy for their commitment,focus,vision,courage,hard-work,innovation,uniqueness, and good thinking.

    i thank your company for good ideology in attracting 40% of the world population to admire and buy Pignatelli fashions both men of class and ladies of modern trend glamorous idols.

    May God continue to bless the works of your hands,Amen !!
    please kindly forward your magazines latest to me. i am today your esteemed fan in Lagos-Nigeria ,Africa.

    Thank you and regards,.

  • Robert gil on July 25, 2016 at 7:44 pm said:

    I was wondering if i could use one of this pictures for a t-shirt design.
    Thanks Rob

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