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New Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyle for 2014 – 93 Photos

60’s and 80’s male images – as a source of inspiration for hairdressers

On podiums reigns retro 30’s and 40’s of the 20th century, but in hairstyles stylists are increasingly using fashionable images completely different eras. A men’s hairdressing fashion always drew inspiration from pop and rock stars, their hairstyles often became a trend, The higher is star rank and brighter his image, then more it take for a basis. So as a hairstyle “duck tail”, so beloved King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, in the 60’s was the most quoted laying. Now branded curl of hair from Elvis are all who feel like and the trend seems to be “coming up.”

On television, on the stellar parties, presentations, fashion shows, to tell the truth and on the city streets it’s have a great success.


The most fashionable men’s haircut in 2014 is “Mr.Cool”

Men’s haircuts 2014 with lush curls and styling will no doubt be trendy, one of them can be considered a “Mr.Cool” haircut. Thick medium length curls, soft plastic lines, no any of contrasts and differences in length. Rate here is on the flowing texture and gloss, created when styling.


One of the trend in 2014 will be two haircuts: Preppy with contrasting length and creations in the “Hitler Jugend” style. It seems they liked for men not a little, so keep in fashion is not the first season. Shaved sides and very short-haired nape very clearly emphasize the length of the top and most important part of the image – a creative bang. Here there are several options laying: from smooth to disheveled, anyway stylists recommend increase details.


Ragged strands, clear lines or asymmetry?

Guest stylists in fashion in 2014 will be ragged haircut with jagged ends, and asymmetrical details. In the other side clear lines in short haircuts is also popular, but his form must be maintained a smooth styling with gel.


What is needed to create a fashionable men’s styling in 2014?

First of all, the need becomes styling gels, advanced takes a styling foam,

anyway fashionable styling with raised strands will not keep without special locking means. Powerful hair dryer for the modern man is a necessity.Careless laying at the time to create with their hands and a hair dryer, to dry stands in different directions from the roots. Drying the opposite direction of hair growth (up) will create the necessary volume – but how to complete the image?….


New men’s haircuts and hairstyles 2014: long and medium

Long hair – the choice of freedom-loving men, who prefers free from accepted norms and rules of clothing and accessories styles. Yet hair beautifully flowing over her shoulders also require stylish, fashionable design. Fashionable choice in this case may be an elongated bob with bangs or without. Fashion styling: Careless, curled or smooth-slicked-back hair.


Fashionable image details 

Do not forget the always up to date and attractive component of the male image stubble look, as well groomed eyebrows. Now in vogue is well maintained and a little sloppy image.


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